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Artbook & Soundtrack CD
Coming 2024



Experimental spasmodist dark artbook with an unsettling soundtrack of UnScald dismality.

Coming 2024.

Hardcover. Case-bound.
A5 - 148 x 210 mm page size.
200 pages.
150 gsm silk paper.
CD soundtrack album 
All books hand signed

A digital audio & pdf book version will also be available. (Also included with the physical version)

More details & preview audio soon.

Coming to Kickstarter 2024

Pre-launch page here now
WRETCH by Paul McCarroll - Unhinged Art — Kickstarter



Wretch is dark art regurgitation spewed into a catalogue of visual spasms. Gathered, mangled and compounded into a singular mass of reactive dark psychologically damaged outpourings. A puked soup of wide eyed despair moulded into a foul assemblage only related by negative fixation.
Normals deflected, expectations rejected, psychosis reflected, abnormalities ingested, delirium digested. An unyielding continuum of fetid distress. Foul dogma suppressed, usurped by the unimpressed.
For we are all Wretch.

Mbook & cd mock up

The Wretch series is the cumulative mangled Unhinged archive:
A demented menagerie of transcendental altered existence. 

NO artificial intelligence has been used in creating any of these images. Some might say very little actual intelligence, but at least a modicum of organic thought has been employed.


UnScald is the Unhinged experimental arm of Belfast dinmongers Scald. The evolution of the  Wretch 1 soundtrack started back in 2006. Some tracks had been finished and stored away intended as additional tracks for an extended release of Scalds Nematoid recordings. I returned to this in 2019 to create more, before working on the latter Verimicoordinates of Scald's Regius project.
Most tracks use Scalds Nematoid era recordings (1999/2000) as the underlying source. (6 tracks, 43 mins).

Audio preview track soon.

WRETCH - Unhinged Art - Kickstarter