February 2023
Plague Hymns is out now!

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Also out now on HMA Snakes Magazine #1.
Includes an Unhinged Art interview.
Details here.

Check out this brain churning new project from my Scald associates Maciek & Pete.

Pincer Consortium


Presenting a project merger involving Scald and qip associates, Mr P Dempsey and Mr M Pasinski in the contract negotiation of a hyper-progressive death/black metal commodity.

It begins in the mind of Pete Dempsey with the emergence of a thematic concept followed by a compliment of lyrics, which are then dispatched to Maciek Pasinski to be given dimension via musical composition and instrumentation further capped by a dual delivery of clean and coarse vocal performances from the former and latter respectively: Mr Pasinski then provides the final mix and production, wrapped in a presentation of AI generated nightmare visuals.

Introducing the second single from the forthcoming album, ‘Geminus Schism’, that being the lyrically hybridised ‘Schizoid Rivalry/Double Occultation’.
Listen and download on bandcamp now.

(Artwork not by Unhinged)

January 2023
Plague Hymns is out this month.
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Gallery update
Drawings 2022 Added 5 drawings
Featured work below- Decognition 9 2022 15 x 21 cm Graphite on paper.

December 2022
Gallery update
Drawings 2022 Added 19 drawings

September 2022
Announcement: New artbook coming in January.

Plague Hymns
The Unhinged Art of Paul McCarroll

Published by Heavy Music Artwork

Available in both deluxe hardback & standard softback cover.
To be released 26th January 2023
Available to pre-order now.

plague hymns

Portrait 210x290mm (8.26 x 11 inch)
Each edition limited to 250 copies
196 Pages
Deluxe edition hardback 200gms uncoated soft paper
Standard edition softback 150gms uncoated soft paper

Deluxe Edition pre-orders include an exclusive signed A4 Art print.

Also available from HMA, a collection of Plague Hymns t-shirts and selected original artworks.
View the full collection here.


July 2022
Gallery updates
Drawings 2022 added [24 drawings]
Drawings 2021 updated +5 drawings]

Featured work below- Cold Caller 2022 15 x 21 cm Graphite on paper.


Scald 'Regius I' [download version] out now
Go to: Scald bandcamp to listen and download to view full pdf + complete artwork
Or view some of the artwork here

Great book from Heavy Music Artwork
Proud to occupy a few pages in there.
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